Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Dit" on out of here

        The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristen Levine, is one of the best book I ever read. So far it talks about a a boy named Harry but everyone calls him Sit.  He got his name when there were these older boys and they were retouching rocks and he was like Dit out of here , so that just made his Nick name but everyone has a nickname in the small town. He has 9 other siblings and hard it is being one of the one that's always being forgotten in the family, his father is always forgetting about Dit. He lives in a small town in Alabama. Every year they get a new postmaster and this year there were supposed to be a postmaster and his son but things got a little changed and it ended up the postmaster and his wife and daughter, Dit was really upset at the fact it was a African American girl named Emma, she was really girly girl who likes to read books,stay neat and tidy, and didn't do any sports for that matter. So we'll just have to see how this all works out.
          So far I think this is a really good book because it's very interesting and it's not about animals or anything fiction, it's a possibility that might of happened in the past when the slaves just became free and the whites were still very judgemental and racist.
          I think that soon Emma and Dit will become amazing friends or even more then that but you never know what can happen. I also think that everyone will hopefully soon stop calling them niggers and just call them by their names that they were given when they were born. And finally I think that Dit might even be noticed by his father when he starts talking to Emma's.

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