Tuesday, February 17, 2015


                                                                       Mystic Black

      The color I chose that is a part of my life is black there's a few reasons why I chose this color the first is violent, then the second is family, and the last one is childhood.
      The first example on why I chose black is because of violence. See when I was younger maybe like 3 or 4 my mom and dad would get into fights and then my dad soon got drunk and would hurt my mom physically and emotionally and I still remember this one day when he wanted to see me so my mom brought me to a party he went to then come to find out he pushed and shoved her when she was holding me and its sad to think that people are that crew and evil but that's the way life is so I think a lot of people should be blessed the have a amazing life with brothers and sisters and two parents together or not you still see them both. I think of black with this because I think of boozes for some reason but that's one reaosen why I chose black.
      The second reason why I chose black is because of my family. My family has many type of culture and Races and one of them is black and I don't think of that as a bad thing because its a interesting thing to think about that but I always hate the fact that a lot of people think that me and my siblings are either adopted or foster kids but where not we came from one of the same people . I think that people need to stop with the racist thing and making fun of white or black or Mexican or any other race but I know that's never going to happen but if we had more races in every family then we would care what color we were but that just reminds me of The Giver   and how no body was different from the rest.
      The final reason why I chose black is for my childhood. When I was a little one since my mom was only 16 when she had me she liked to be a teen still and sometimes she bring me along with her and all I remember is people getting drunk and laughter but that still makes me think of the color black because of what people where so they wouldn't have to where something uncomfortable or fancy they would just where black and I remember my room black so I think that black was a very common color with either dressing up or just to be a  design but thats why I chose black.
       These are the three main reasons why I chose black its ment for many ways violence or skin color or maybe even just for style  but they all lead up to one amazing color.

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