Saturday, February 28, 2015

Giver crisis

    This week I finished reading and watching the movie The Giver and now I have to decide whether the book or the movie was better.
    I think the movie was really entertaining with all the romance and excitement but the book was also fun to read with all the emotions rolling though my head. The movie is good with all the actions but I think I would choose the book over all because the book stays with the way the author thought of it and published it that way with many ideas she did her self but I don't like the fact how she changed the movie so much from the book. If she didn't change much from the book or she changed the book so it went with the movie because that way their not too different from each other. I mean Jonas is a teen instead of an 11 year old turning 12,  like the fact he has always seen colors in the book but in the movie he just starts to see colors with the Giver showing him and him saying that its not fair for the others to not see the amazing things he feels or sees, or the simple fact that Fiona takes care of babies in the nurturing center instead of the elders home  because that was the beginning of Jonas' s stirrings with that place but he already started the stirrings in the movie and etc.
    Also there is many good parts in the movie that there isn't in the book like how we see everyone crying and stop what their doing because they are gaining back all those memories and they stop just in time to not release (kill) Fiona or when they show the video of Rosemary and the Giver playing the piano or Jonas and Fiona sliding down this stair way thing having the times of their life riding down together, and the romance between Jonas and Fiona and how they kiss.
  The book has several parts that made it better like Jonas dreaming about how he wanted Fiona to get in the bath so he can help her clean which started him with taking the pills or Asher and others were playing war and Jonas went in the middle and stopped playing because it reminded him of the little boy in war and then him and Asher and Jonas ends up getting in a big a fight with Asher which kind of ruining their friendship but I don't think I saw the movie.
   The main reason why I chose the book is because I think that if they put the movie a little similar than the book then maybe they could make a few more movies that would be more exciting and it would kind of show how it would be like if we get more and more greedy about are selfs and it shows how difficult it would be without freedom. I know that no one can deal with that because everyone has different options and no one will have there kids just delivered to them and sign up for a wife or husband so I think it might make some people realize that they can't be so selfish or rude about everything.

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