Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Ch. 22
    In the book The Giver Jonas had finally made the plan and left the community so that everyone would be able to feel what he and the giver felt, as he left he took Gabriel with him which I think is really adorable and sweet thing to do because if it wasn't for Jonas taking Gabriel with him, Gabriel would have been killed. I really think its crazy what Jonas and Gabriel have to do to survive and not only that but all the work they had to do every day to not get caught and taken back to the community, with all the finding food and water then having a place to hide there belongings and a place to sleep for the night, I don't think I can even past a day doing that especially with a baby with Jonas who is only 13 maybe cause he doesn't know how long its been with everyday and night. I think that if I were in that position it would not last long and I would end up going back home but if I had to help save a life I would do my best in keeping it safe and not bringing it near the community so its hard either way its also making a live changing decision everyday

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