Thursday, February 5, 2015

baby twins

Chapter 19
  This chapter I think was the most interesting part of the book because it has so many motions into one with the curious moment, cute moment, sad moment, then lastly anger ; its mostly really sad because the one little twin that weighed less so that was the one who had to be killed even though that's a really dumb thing cause he had so much more to live for and they just killed him like bye bye then dead. I think it made me really angry cause I think people should never kill them self or others or even have any abortion but that's just my opinion so I think if they would have let all twins live then they could see all the potential that each and every child has. I think that if Jonas really tries he can end all this suffering an meaningless so that no one would have to be the same as everyone else and they would be judge by that.

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