Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This week I read a book called Dog Lost , by Ingrid Lee. This book is based off a true story about a young boy , his father, and his dog. This book is about a young boy named Mackenzie  who was 11 years old and who's been having a tough life since his mother had passed away and all his father can do is get drunk and yell at everyone. One night Mackenzie's father came back from the bars with a dog and just through the dog at Mackenzie. Mackenzie was happy to see that his father gave him a dog since he has always wanted one. Things go great, Mackenzie has a new best friend  ( which was the dog) and the would do everything together Mackenzie took care of him as best as he could but, Mackenzie's dad would still get drunk every night and bring home girls from the bar so that just meant that Mackenzie And the dog Cash would stay out of his way.
So far I thing this is a really good book since it has dogs, and a young boy who has a lot on his hands for such a young kid. I think that Mackenzie will soon get out of that house and go somewhere else like maybe in a aftercare or be adopted, something, or maybe even get his father to soon realize that he needs to face reality and help out with his son and stop going out to the bars every night.

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