Wednesday, December 3, 2014

    This week I am reading a book Island of the Blue Dolphin, by Scott O'Dell and so far it is about a young girl named Karana who live in a village on a island called Coral Cove in the beginning of the book her and her younger brother Ramo, are getting roots for their village so they can eat then suddenly Karana sees something coming closer and closer to Coral Cove and she soon realizes it a boat, a big red boat. She tries to pretend she doesn't see it so her brother won't notice but that is to later he has noticed and now left her behind to go tell the village mean while Karana is getting the roots herself and trying not to follow Ramo and tell the village. By the time Karana has finish getting all the roots up to the top of the basket she went walking back home and saw the ship head to shore. Soon she realizes that obviously the word has gotten out to the village of Ghalas-at since all the older men walked toward the boat with their weapons. There was a small boat with six men on board rowing to the island and there was all the men looking fearless and strong so the six men would go back to where they came from but they kept coming and the villagers kept still.
    I really like this book because it has nature in it and it has the main character as a girl with a younger brother and that like me I'm older and I have a younger brother so I can kind of relate with her about younger brothers things.
    I predict that Karana's village will start a fight with those six men on board and will see who ends up winning. This is how I feel about the book.

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