Tuesday, December 2, 2014


           This week I am reading a book called The Island of The Blue Dolphin, by Scott O'Dell. So far I have read about a young girl named Karana who lives Island of the blue Dolphins. She is a young beautiful girl who lives with her father the Chief his name is Chowig and her little brother Ramo. Right now I have read about a place Karana goes to to get the food and other resources for her tribe to survive called Coral Cove and Karana likes to go there in her spare time and smell the ocean breeze and watch the ocean splash around. Right now Karana has just spotted a strange boat with 6 men on board  and they were all Russian men and one was now talking to her father one of their names was Captain Orlov he seemed like a strange man Karana just had a gut feeling about that young man and it wasn't a good feeling something was going to happen and it wasn't going to be good.
    So far I think this is a really good book it seems really interesting with living on a Island with just her father and brother. Being the only girl in her family must be tough with no mother to help her do what all other women do in her tribe. Then she also must have a hard time dealing with her father being chief so everyone has to talk to him about what they disagree with or people from over the world who come on his land and try to take over,  everyone mostly looks up to him and she doesn't get much help with him being busy helping with the Island. I think this book will be a just right book for me to read and I think it will be interesting with what Karana likes to do.

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