Thursday, December 4, 2014

In the book Island of the Blue Dolphin, by Scott O'Dell is about a young girl Karana, who is dealing with a lot at once, she is having to deal with taking care of her younger brother Ramo, since she no longer had her father living with her since he died from a mean guy named Captain Orlov who is just wrecking the place and doing what ever he and his six other men want to do and they already made people leave the island but Karana and Ramo just went back on the island had has been staying there all by there self.

So far I have gotten to the park where Karana just discovered her younger brother Ramo has just died since the Russians spotted him and obviously killed him since that happened Karana has been heart broken and devastated since she has lost everyone she loved and now no one can support her since everyone has left to go somewhere safer. So far what I have read about Karana is she is a very strong and smart girl who can survive on her own and can take whatever is thrown at her even if it is not the best thing she comes to find out.

I predict that Karana will fight the Russians one by one and she will save Captain Orlov last since he killed her father she will get revenge and make him suffer after what she has been through with him and his troop coming along and taking over. I really think that if you like animals, nature, and sad parts in stories then I think this is just the right book for you since it has that for you.

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