Tuesday, November 4, 2014

the amazing responses

         In the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, is about a young girl named Hazel who has lung cancer and she only has a 20 percentage chance of surviving for 5 years. So far in the book she talks about this program she has to go to because the doctor says that she needs to live her life and get out into the world before its to late. In the book she talks about a few people, how they act, and what condition they have. Hazel is a young women who has to deal with having lung cancer. All she wants to do is be a regular teenager who disobeys sometimes, goes to school, and does what all teenagers do. Sadly, she cant she just sits home and reads the same book over and over then watches TV. That is basically what she does every single day. I think that Hazel will soon get out of the club and  see what life is like outside of her house.
        In the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is a girl named Hazel and so far in the book she has just went to the group with the people with all sorts of cancers. They were all talking about their problems they have and how maybe they shouldn't be complaining since theirs others that have worse then them but that's when everybody has to support and say that the person is still as important then those people. Hazel is a 17 year old who has lung cancer and she always has to bring a oxygen tank wherever she goes. Right now she has just saw a really cute boy in her group center and he wont stop staring at her until she finally looks at him back so that he notices that she knows hes staring. I think that they will soon become close friends and that he will show her the world and what life can be like with a friend to support her.

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