Thursday, October 30, 2014


It’s just 8:10 A.M. the same morning when I’m getting ready for school while my mom is getting ready for work. With the traffic going and the people leaving it seemed like another day that was just waiting to go by like a regular kid would think but no this was no normal day. I hope it never happens again. It was the most tragic thing that has ever happened to anyone in New York.
It’s almost time for school then suddenly at 8:46 A.M.  as everybody is up and getting ready for school or work when a plane flew straight into one of the World Trade Center Tower known as “ the twin towers.” I ran straight to my mom’s room to see if she was okay and if she knew what was going on. As I went into my mom’s room I can see her just watching with shock and scared. She was so frightened that she called in sick to work just to be safe. After that I went to my little brothers’ room and to see if he was still asleep or not and sure enough he was.
As my mom was pacing back and forth the apartment and I was about to leave for the bus then another plane comes into the other World Trades Center (twin tower) building. It was only 9:03 A.M. when this happened. This is so strange and frightening I was just praying and hoping that it was all just a nightmare. I tried and tried to wake myself up but this was no dream, I was wide awake and this was real.     Citizens and tourist were trying to escape while firefighters and police officers were going in to save others. Unfortunately 400 police officers and firefighters were killed during the attack.  
It’s only been 56 minutes when World Trades Center comes crashing down. At 10:28 A.M. the northern tower comes spearing down you can hear all the screaming just from the side walk. The dust clouds builds up for blocks everyone was like a big herd of animals running for their lives. It all came tumbling down at once. Several people like me that were far enough to watch the dust go flying around. The power was down in lower Manhattan. Phone lines jammed with more than two hundred thirty million calls. Hundreds of firefighters trapped in the neighboring buildings of the World Trades Center hundreds more race to the seen.
Falling debris from the north and south towers started fires in the neighboring building of the World trades Center. The World trades 7, the building housing the cities command center burns unchecked for 7 hours. At 5:20 P.M. it collapses. The city’s emergency nerves center was destroyed. Someone told trades 7 to evacuate the building so no one would get killed, now we don’t know who did it but whoever it was we were lucky for you to be there.
Me and my family took what we needed and left the apartment as fast as we could. Lots of people were walking off the Brooklyn Bridge to get out of the city but others escape in visas pilot by the army coven engineers. At 7:45 P.M. the New York police department says seventy-eight officers are missing and an estimate of two hundred firefighters are dead. At 10:56 P.M. police officials say they believe there are victims alive in the rubble of the twin towers.
September 9Th, 2001 New York’s most tragic day is drawing to a close. There were friends missing or dead all because tartest taking over New York for revenge for a stupid little thing that they took personally. Me, families, and friends hope never have to deal with something so tragic like this ever again

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